Wednesday, March 11, 2020

A New Day

I backed up all the blogs and now am restoring them.  I'm going to clean them out and republish the classics.  I'm opening comments again.  We started work at the local winery.  Wow, that's a lot of work for an old guy.

ps.  to anwer Penny, I'm working at Royal York Winery, which does custom wine.  Here is a stack of the boxes I filled and stacked.  Ow my back!

Lise washed bottles.  All for fun and charity. 


Penny said...

I came to read and would have commented but you didn't allow them :(
Hubby came to read as well. You have two fans on the wrong side of the lake ya know ;)

And you're working at a winery??? Whaat!

Penny said...

And blogger crashed three times before I got that comment through, still I persisted!

Penny said...

I thought maybe you were at one of the wineries here in the region..
Generally there are tons of Torontonians there whenever we've gone.
Outnumbering the locals- which is actually beginning to be the real situation anyway..