Monday, March 30, 2020

Linux - Zoom for Physics

Yeah, everybody get zoom.  It works for chromebooks and old laptops running Linux.  It's amazing that it works.  I can never get any other Linux application working with video and sound, it requires a lot of fiddling with pulseaudio and such.  The whiteboard works with my Wacom drawing thing.

Next we must try a Zoom meeting, but I think we may have bandwidth problems because everybody is doing this.  I also got Zoom to put on makeup for me.  :)

Make a comment if you have direct fiber and we can start this.


Penny said...

" I also got Zoom to put on makeup for me. :)"

Thank goodness your abiding by the "social distancing" edicts
Keeping away from the missus as well?

Yesterday hubby and I were out walking, holding hands (shriek) and an authority figure drove right past us (police), behind us as we crossed in a crosswalk, and didn't say a word- nothing.

Whew! As we were flagrantly flouting the social distance rules... but since we live together.. whatever!

Harold Asmis said...

It's the same with me and the dog. :)

Penny said...

Hey Geofish!

You and the dog better get your heads right soon!
Or Doug Ford's gonna getcha!

Are you going to talk physics on a regular basis?
Or was this just you trying your zoom thing out?
I'd like some physics basics- that would be interesting, Seriously!

Not sure what you mean by direct fibre either?
Is this the internet connection? We have Bell.

Harold Asmis said...

Bell Fiber is a direct glass fibre to your house. You get 1 gigabit per second. Bell has a host of other things that are much slower.

I'll do some more, then have a question session.