Monday, March 2, 2020

Best Mucked-Up Physics Award for Climate


There, an unusual situation exists where the water is warm at depth and cold near the surface.

That's for every frozen lake and sea in the world!

Water is densest at 4C, and starts to expand (become less dense) as it gets colder.  Finally the ice floats on the surface.  When Lake Erie is frozen over, the water is cold on the top and warmer on the bottom.  The water is perfectly stratified and there is no heat flow from the warm water to the cold.  The lakes completely turn over the water when things freeze over.  Some parts of the deep ocean haven't turned over since the last ice age.

But these guys are from Sunny San Diego, and she did math in university.  There's nobody alive who still does physics, they were all killed in the Great English Major Revolution where philosophers took over everything.

Let's cut down the forests to put up solar cells ... Yeah!

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