Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Retro Classics

The year is 2007, and I wrote enough posts in December alone, that I can only review one month at a time.  The big news was that the crummy old AECL research reactor spat a hairball.  All Canadian medical isotopes were held up.  Keen was not keen to restart the claptrap thing.  But Harper threw her out and filled the place witht toadies.  The seismic death trap is still running.

Plus, I revived some earlier articles from 'Bad Siting'.  That was my secret blog before I retired in 2007, when I started this.  At the time, OPG and Bruce were going to build new nuclear power plants.  That died at some time.

A nice big article on the failed Maple reactors.  Bad physics.  A nice blog on the perfect nuclear strategy for us.  Never followed.

To see 2007 December go to the right side, click on 2007 and December.  I am cleaning out a lot of articles that only made sense at the time

ps.  just went through 2007 November.  All little things of the time.  Nothing much.

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