Friday, March 13, 2020

Retro - September 2007

That was a very productive month.  I remember I actually did a lot of computer work and came up with one of my most popular posts of 'Fault geology of Hamilton'.  Yeah that we haven't had an M7 there yet.

My most interesting job in the land of stupidity was the Darlington automatic fuel loader.  It had the problem that it was falling apart.  I, and another consultant recommended accelerometers since it was obvious it was banging with tremendous energy.  They didn't go for it and just assigned a lot of manpower. 

I did some articles on plate tectonic mechanics, and finally did my most favourite series on the Water Laser.  This was the Darlington fuel vibration problem.  They just pasted over it and it was the reason for the early refurb.  It's all exactly the same thing they are installing.  It's just one of the many violations of physics that nobody cares about any more.

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