Wednesday, March 18, 2020

State of the Ocean - March 18, 2020

The big guys are declaring this the second warmest winter since 2016.  They are crowing that all the cold air is bottled up in the Arctic.  That's a contradiction, since that air has to come down and freeze us, but what the hey?

They are crowing because, by their definition, there is no El Nino this year, because that is only measured in the far west Pacific.  But this year we have a very strong Halvsie El Nino (hen).  In fact, it is so strong I'm calling it 'Mother HEN', or mo-hen.

The articles are finally acknowledging the El Nino, which they didn't do before and just included it in their warming graphs.  Now that we have a bit of bump in temps, they are all over it.

The mo-hen is forming a triple-layer cake, which I haven't seen before.

This is piling up a lot of warm water by Mexico, and pushing tons of warm water into the Arctic.

The Big N's (nusa and knowitall) ignore this at their peril.  Mo-hen is getting old and may be a victim of death.  Our winter below the cold may have been mild, but it will be long.

The Giant Cold Blob of Jelly, is getting hit by tropical plumes and will squoosh all over us.  The N's put their faith in the Ghost Jet Stream, but that's the same as being a Bible Trumper.

While waiting for all the doom to hit the fan, I'm going to sun myself for the next few days.

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Penny said...

They are crowing that all the cold air is bottled up in the Arctic.

I thought the Arctic was warm. Melting. And Polar Bears, ya know?