Sunday, March 22, 2020

Cold Spring can be blamed on coronavirus

In La-La land!

The co2 measurements may be showing a covid-19 signal.  Normally, we'd expect this curve to continue going up and be higher than the year before.  But it is flattening out.  Naturally, you would have to wait a bit longer to confirm, but I like being first out of the gate.

Now all the warmies are celebrating - "Yeah, total death is saving us!".   I think all the climate shifts are due to ocean currents, but if the co2 hypothesis is real, then we should see a signal in global temps.  The media can pick up on that, along with the Jet Stream causing weather.

China is picking up again, but there is no market for their goods.  We'll see this jink in the curve as the sars2 thing.


Penny said...

So you're talking about the always higher seasonal carbon in the spring until the northern hemisphere begins greening?

The Keeling Curve?


Perhaps we should blame the cold spring for Coronavirus?

Harold Asmis said...

It's one of those diseases that modify its environment, so it can propagate.

Penny said...

Yes, clearly it's that powerful- modifying the environment and all

btw I meant:
Perhaps we should blame the Coronavirus for the cold spring?
But, you knew that anyway .