Thursday, March 12, 2020

Halvsie El Nino drives global temperatures up

This is sad for me.  Soon we'll have the headlines of warmest February ever.  But the Continental US is flat, and a dip at the North Pole. 

The good news (?) for Coldies is that the 'hen' is over.  The Pacific half reversal is going into convulsions.  Now we are into a very cold Spring, perfect for cronyvirus to be spread by cronies.  The UK is a chunk of ice.  Scotland has the best skiing in decades but the winds are so high the can't operate the lifts.


Penny said...

I thought Feb was cold and for that matter march has been as well-

Harold Asmis said...

The temps for the continent have not been warm. We can expect a very cold March and April because of the cold air sword hanging over our heads. The UK is a block of ice. All the warmth of the world has been concentrated near the equator.