Friday, February 1, 2008

Media now says Maple reactors will never work

Ha! They had to interview an 'anonymous insider' who said they will never work. I'm a non-anonymous insider and I say the same thing!

Actually, they'll totally work, if the CNSC does the toady thing, and holds their collective noses. What's a little power surge amongst friends? Who cares if AECL is clueless on the physics? One might say that it is better to fire up these losers, than keep the old crap running forever.

Of course, these new reactors are as bad seismically as the old one, but what the heck? You can always use the AECL argument that these are 'research' (ha, ha!) reactors and will only poof a little bit when they blow.

Actually, I really like the Belgian champagne glasses design! You just make the cherries out of enriched uranium, and let the water flow! It would glow such a nice cheery blue!


Anonymous said...

All I can say is: Yup. The safety issues were insurmountable ... until now, of course (heh, heh).

Harold Asmis said...

Now that the CNSC has adopted the battlecry: "Isotopes Uber Alles!"

Anonymous said...