Thursday, February 7, 2008

Waddington against Harold

I'm always the one to point to other opinions, and show what a fool I am. I don't take myself seriously, and I don't want others to do so. This is the opinion of John Waddington, who was the AECB/CNSC director before Ms. Keen came in.

Basically, he goes with the 'poof' defence, which states that there won't be much radioactive spray around to hit the lonely fisherman at the gates. I've always had some trouble with that argument. As these past months have shown, and the Japanese nuclear thing, there are tremendous consequences with being stupid. Right now, the whole nuclear expansion concept has been frozen, and think of what would happen if that reactor did what I would expect it to do in an earthquake!

Sure, Chernobyl didn't kill as many people as we thought it would, 3 Mile Island didn't release any radioactivity, the giant hole at Davis-Besse wasn't tested, but is this a good-thing argument? I'm a big believer in open systems, and that these companies should be more open with their stupidities (like me!), so that things can be improved. Right now, they are greatly rewarded for clamming up (50 years operating safely!), when you know they had a lot of 'close calls'. I never reward people for being silent (I just assume the worst!), and I don't think the public should, as well.

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