Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Every country in the world on US copyright watch list

I just like this article. And don't give me the "copyright cartels are people, too" crap, since I'm not on any extremist side. I would just love the US to put trade sanctions on every country in the world! And we should watch out for legislation that allows lawyers to attack our kids.

I was just thinking how dumb the record and movie industry are. They are stuck on distributing digital data on hard media, which is doomed to die. If they have some internet distribution, it costs the same as the hard media. They need some brains to expand their thinking. For example, people recently were 'dying' to see Hany Montany, and were paying thousands for a ticket. They could have put locally 'live concerts' in a ton of digital theatres, and made millions more. They could organize local 'shoot ups' for that Amy character!


Anonymous said...

Never Fear! The DVD sniffing dogs are here!

Harold Asmis said...

Too bad the mules can't swallow dvd's!