Wednesday, February 13, 2008

CNSC job application out

The job for CNSC toadie is now officially advertised. They'll get $200K per year, and 5 years off their lifespan! Since Harper is firing anybody who can think, you just know who's getting this job.

This is probably about the same money Hydro was offering for their new nuclear leader, and they gave up. I can't imagine anyone with any talent taking either of these jobs, at that money. However, I can now imagine their announcement when someone takes the job.

"Lunnie Jr. is well qualified to be taking this position. He has a degree in advance basket-weaving from Port Albert internet university, in the northern BC pot country. Due to his connections, he has exemplary service in the Department of Eider Down Job Preservation. Lunnie's first job will be to purge the CNSC of all the nasty Liberal hacks, or any number of random scapegoats he can dig up."

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