Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Stupid about my new Toyota Hybrid

When you are an "Internet Pundit", you tend to carefully cultivate your aura of invincibility. Not me. I figure if I point out my 'Senior Moments', then the nasty people will leave me alone, since they never admit they're wrong!

So, as I had mentioned, we got this nifty Camry Hybrid. I don't think it saves that much gas money, since I put Ultra in it, and zoom it a lot. My wife uses it to drive to work, and there it gets about 6.5 l/100 km, which is exactly the same as highway mileage at 120 klicks. I think the '93 V6 Camry probably does 10 in the city and 8 on the highway. The big ugly van does 12 on the highway, and probably 20 in the city.

So when I got it, I looked rear window defroster lines, and said: "Those dolts, they mucked up the lines. The top 3 inches doesn't get any heat! So much for the vaunted Toyota quality!" Finally took in into the dealer for the first oil change, and mentioned this. The young guy there didn't have a clue! When I picked it up, an old guy said "It's the FM antenna!". No wonder it gets such good reception, with an arrangement like that!

So, I'm feeling like an idiot, but the old guy said lots of people are have a problem with that. So I think it's Toyota's problem! They should have some fine writing on the rear glass, saying "This is the antenna, you idiot!".

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