Saturday, February 23, 2008

Great Globe article

The AECL thing is now heating up again. The Globe has a great background article, since they interviewed a lot of people. Not enough on the seismic risk, though....


Anonymous said...

I agree a very good article, great detail and the big picture.

This one paragraph
"As they lobbied against the CNSC, it seemed of little importance to the ministers, as well as to Prime Minister Stephen Harper, that the Chalk River facility sits on earthquake fault lines. The area has never experienced a major earthquake, but two minor quakes struck in December, registering 3.0 and 3.6 in magnitude. "

is about the only seismic reference but should send a chill down the spine of voters in the inevitable next election.

Mr Burns the new head of the AECL?


Anonymous said...


Harold Asmis said...

It'll be the topic of my next speaking engagement. I wish I really knew what sort of jelly the reactor was on.