Friday, February 29, 2008

Ontario's burden to pull trigger on AECL

There is no way that Harper will cover cost overruns if AECL gets an Ontario nuclear plant. As I said before, AECL may have built on time, on budget in smart countries, but now they have to deal with OPG! And cost overruns benefit the techno-bureaucracy tremendously (look at Bruce!). The more the project runs into trouble, the more overtime they get!

There's a clean way to build a nuclear plant on time, on budget, and there's the ridiculous way. Both OPG and Bruce are choosing the latter! There wouldn't be any cost overruns if they estimated right, but there is a strong incentive to low-ball the costs, in order to ease approvals.

Factors affecting Bruce:

-absolutely shit rock.
-no room
-a big ugly waste repository is going under them
-their lease doesn't allow it

Factors affecting OPG

-no room at site
-tons of dirt to move
-big quarry right beside them
-a love of very old seismic analysis

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Anonymous said...

Please post some new seismic analyses.

-Carl Andognini