Monday, February 4, 2008

Talent is the limit to growth

I just saw this article, which confirms my thoughts that getting talent is the main problem for the huge techno-bureaucracies. If MS is viewed as 'uncool', then they are dead. If OPG is cheap and nasty to its employees, then it is dead. But recently I heard that they might have softened up a bit, and are actually 'considering' dishing out a t-shirt to the engineers! Yeah!

Wait! I was just thinking of my former life. We had an office downtown, with a gym and daycare. At lunch, we would all go to fantastic authentic Chinese places. The only thing bad was that there was no air in that stupid building!

Then OPG went through one of its 'intensely cheap' cycles. They built this horrible office building, in Pickering, with nothing but giant truck yards for miles around, and no sidewalks! It was horrible and depressing. Everybody was upset, and they should have put Prozac in the water. I counted the days to my retirement. Now, I'm happy-happy!

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Anonymous said...

Yes the 12th floor, I can still hear a worn down section manager muttering for his polish mama, and the guy next door sleeping in his cubicle....