Sunday, October 31, 2021

World enters the Dark Ages - Metty-eval


The metty-eval era was defined by a lack of any free thought.  Everything was controlled by the Church.  Now we have that age, again.

Instead of an Inquisition burning you, we have anonymous nasties issuing death threats.  At the start of the new religion of Clange, this was used to 'burn' anybody who dissented.  They started with a 97% self-selected survey, and through career deaths, they upped it to 99.999%, the same as the darkest part of the dark age.

I don't know how we'll emerge out of this.  The metty-eval power is increasing, as they go into health care and such.  Perhaps it will be 'no medicine for deniers', just as there was no salvation for the excommunicated. 

None of those in power will ever admit that they were idiots.  They will continue to use legal arguments to define scientific laws.  Why not?  They will say "Just because the ice is descending, doesn't disprove carbon warming, by our new standards, which are 10 times stricter than the original weak correlation'

I am not a 'denier' or 'faithless one"  I am all for the new definition of 'climate change' which includes continental glaciation.  :)

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