Saturday, October 30, 2021

Beginning of the end for battery cars


Telsa and others have been living off of by-products.  Let's say you made batteries and cars out of leather and was a big success.  Could that scale?  Could you supply the world with cars?  No, leather is cheaper because of hamburgers.  If you exceed the supply, there is a huge cliff in supply, and you are dead.

My son has the original fordy electric car.  It's chock full of batteries, and in the winter it gets 70km range, if you are willing to freeze to death in it.  I have two hybrids, and they are best cars ever.

Batteries need mobile protons.  That was supplied by hydrogen, and now it's lithium.  And then you need very exotic electrodes and anodes to get any range, and good recharge ability.  Those protons take a long time to move, if you don't want explosions.

And then there's our problem with electricity.  Right now, the byproduct of nuclear plants is cheap electricity at night.  This has no future.  What happens when cars become the main demand?  My street with the 1950 transformer and old lines can't take it.  I have a lot of experience in the electrical industry and we are doomed.  Anyone want to talk about main transformer stations in Toronto?

Once we get into the big ice cycle and the Thames is frozen over, we can go back to carbon, which is the best way of making hydrogen stable for fuel.  Forget hydrogen distribution.  It would make propane look as safe as water.  If Alberta had half a brain, they would be getting into physics.

ps.  I think with many important metrics, the cost of battery cars was going down.  Power density was going up, total energy per dollar, range per dollar, etc.  Now, that has ended.