Friday, October 29, 2021

Bruce black hole-2 hits Precambrian basement


This is good geology.  You drill and extract cores.  Just to be sure, you drill into the basement granitic rock, and then you ignore it.  It makes a nice picture.

Unfortunately, they took the picture of a core chunk, in front of the core box, showing fractured rock.  With cores down by Lake Ontario, you pulled solid 10 foot cores that could kill an elephant.  That's stable rock!

What they have here is the same as Black Hole 1.  They ignore it, and 'drill in' on the limestone just above it.  Where the Precambrian is fractured, the limestone is fractured.  However, if they are real lucky, like BH1, they can find a chunk that isn't fractured and go to town with it in the hearings.

It is sad that they are drilling into the hanging wall of the Grenville Front, which is a huge ancient fault, formed about a billion years ago, when we had a giant mountain range.  This fault produces earthquakes, and will be even more unstable if they muck with the water regime.

Unfortunately, they are drilling for 'high level waste' which has the exact same radioactive element problem as 'low level waste' but with a lot of heat.

As with bh1, they have the same rotten rock on top.  It's all related to the big fault.  They won't be able to sink a shaft, so I don't worry about it.  It's just another fun thing to watch that has no physics.  We expect it will fail, just like all such things.

ps.  if you live nearby and are worried, just take the money and laugh.  It's like when Bruce wanted to build a nuclear plant on Lake Erie that freezes solid in the winter.  Some people were so upset.

pps.  limestone is more likely to have larger fracture systems that you can't catch with a borehole.  The granite is brittle and fractures like smashed auto glass.

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