Sunday, October 31, 2021

Gods of Carbon Warming - Buy her book


She is a Toronto native, and trained in observational astronomy.  Not a speck of physics in her, but she is great on tv, and could debate a horse to drink, after it is led to water.

Of all the people who will fall when the ice hits us, I am most sorry about her.  Actually, her charisma is so strong she will keep going forever.  Look at the picture!  It is our scientific future.  A desert of ideas, everything controlled by charismatics.

Do you see the little spot in the middle?  That is my grave.  I'm turning over a lot.  But, since I can never succeed in the metal-verse, nobody listens.  My loony sun-spot guy is complaining that he is being cut off of ads in the metgala-world.  I was cut off a long time ago, since I bite every hand that feeds me.  

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