Saturday, October 16, 2021

Arctic ice volume has passed recent times and charging for a new record


I've been waiting for it to cross the final line.  It is now heading for the average, and I think it will go for a new record.  This measurement has only been available fairly recently, with radar satellites that can penetrate the ice.  

Thank goodness this is only due to cold weather, and has nothing to do with warm climate.  The warmies are pretty well out of measurements.  The last great article just focused on continental interior maximum temperatures, which have almost no limit, when the air is stagnant.  

However, next summer they can find a good land-locked heat wave, with fires, and all their money will keep flowing in.  I'd hate to see all those people out on the streets.

ps.  I just turned on the furnace.  Darn cold weather.

pps.  and in a great article, they talk about La Nina 'reviving', instead of being just a lack of heat energy.

but, instead, it is a stone dead corpse.


Anonymous said...

I enjoy reading this stuff. Thanks Geo

Harold Asmis said...

Many thanks.