Friday, October 8, 2021

Cottage Report -- A glorious warm fall


We are again living with the only heatwave in the world.  This confirms the science of extrapolating things to a 'baked earth'.  We have tropical plumes from both the Pacific and Atlantic hitting us.  Yeah, Climate Change is Real.  

We have an anomaly with the Arctic ice, as it heads to be the highest volume of our Modern Era.  However the words 'Temporary Anomaly' is redundant in physics, but we have a new language now.

The evil geophysics is pointing towards a 300 year anomaly, but that's simply natural variation taking over for a while.  All the papers are saying that this state of affairs will last until 2060, when carbon dioxide takes over again.  I'll go with that.  

ps.  drone shot with colour

We hiked those woods, and got a lot of great edible mushrooms.  This only comes every 10-20 years with an ice-age wet September.

Those are trumpet mushrooms, extremely rare and delicious.

ps.  last drone picture of the fall.  It's only 1080p, but Photos fixes it up.

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