Monday, October 18, 2021

Snowball Earth Doesn't Prove Anything


This is great because there is nothing that can take on climate philosophy.  This article doesn't say what could disprove global warming, because nothing can.

This big Arctic sweep is just cold weather.  Antarctica is very cold, and has the biggest ozone hole on record, but that doesn't prove anything **.  So, we simply must face the fact we are having colder and colder weather, while carbon warming is sacrosanct.  I'm happy with that, because carbon warming is now totally out of the Scientific Method, and sustained by Climate Philosophy.

**the size of the ozone hole is just related to temperature and nothing else.  However, as the holes get bigger and bigger, it doesn't disprove the Freon Philosophy, because nothing can.

ps.  I can think of a neat t-shirt for the big party.  -  Who can disprove?  Noooobody!


Unknown said...

Thank goodness someone's dealing with real physics I am a geologist and constantly get fed up with media hysteria

Harold Asmis said...

That makes me feel good. I mostly write for future generations, but I appreciate my 10 readers in the world. :)