Saturday, October 16, 2021

Baby nuclear reactor to go up at Darlington


I'm happy for all the enjoyment this will give me.  I expect it to as good as the Bruce Black Hole nuclear waste thingie, and the Niagara Tunnel.  All with billions poured into the ground.

A baby nuclear reactor (bnr) is a dim bulb next to a single Darlington reactor, but has the all the same troubles.  These are meant to be scattered all over the province, and will save on power grid lines.  The main plan has all the rationality of carbon warming.  Without this whole carbon thing, then natural gas power plants would be the order of the day.

A baby needs the same cooling requirements as big sucker.  However, this is molten salt and bit more sensitive on the trigger finger.  I can't wait to see working plans, since none now exist.  Perhaps they can dig up (literally) all the heavyweights of nuclear physics.  I don't think that many bright young ones have gone into it lately.

Those into fantasy, can think that babies can feed electric cars.  Neat.  Those, who sip grim reality, know that it will be methanol fuel cells and graphene super-capacitors.  I'm not predicting anything in a world where bittycoin zooms up to a million dollars.  :)

ps.  I give this my most severe condemnation, which has no weight in the world -- It has no physics.

pps.  I have made no great effort to look into this.  It just strikes me as a scaling problem, and is somewhat similar to throwing windmills all over the place.  I did all the siting for new nuclear plants and this whole thing just hurts my brain.

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