Saturday, October 30, 2021

Air glacier coming down in Canada


We have two major actions for our weather.  One is the transverse of a tropical plume from either the Pacific or Atlantic.  In the winter, these are our only sources of heat energy.  In the summer, they moderate temperatures for the land-locked regions.

Then we have static or stagnant air when nothing happens.  For the western part of Canada, this can produce tremendous heat in the summer, which is blamed on climate change.  In the east, the temperatures of stagnant air are moderated by the Great Lakes or the ocean.  

In the winter we have 'blobs' of extremely cold air coming down on us from the Arctic.  These can be seen on the above chart as very clear air.  While we were having the 'Great Heat Pipe' the blobs stayed away and went to Europe.  Poor them.

Now, we are getting the blobs.  If they are extremely powerful, then they go all the way to Texas, and freeze the little 'female slavery' freeks.  For Toronto, a blob almost always bounces off the Great Lakes.  Perhaps this winter, the lakes will freeze, and the blobs will sail right over, and hit our water pipes.

This one is coming down and will put Toronto down to 1C.  Neat.

**I have as much chance of anyone from Texas reading this, as anyone from Alberta.  :)  Their only bright light is Mr. Rex, who was kicked out of a nice province.

ps.  Europe is now pushing up the warm air, and the cold blobs are down on us.

pps.  wow, I just thought of great physics in how the warm air rises to the poles and the cold air descends, laterally on a sphere with uniform gravity.  It makes my brain hurt.

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