Friday, March 8, 2019

Plume report - March 8, 2019

A tiny speck of warm air is coming in for a few days.

These are weak plumes lashing down on us, so a couple of days at freezing, then default weather at -10, etc, rinse, repeat.

No great amounts of warm water or air seen coming in.  All our warm water in the Atlantic is still flooding down Brazil.  Since this is so depressing, I am only reporting when I see it get above freezing.  This allows lots of refreeze ice on the sidewalks.  :)

I'm waiting for those trudeau climate change ads to warm me up....

ps.  the winter saved me.  Here we are, walking in a park of solid ice at 13 below, using our heaviest ice spikes.  Nobody else around, and the wind whistling.  Then a dog-leash enforcer comes screaming in his pick-up truck, a hundred yards away up a hill of solid ice, and yells to put the dog on a leash, who was right beside me.  He was in his driving shoes with the truck idling.    I did and kept walking.  I think he wanted me to go up the ice hill and get a ticket.  :)   Didn't see him again.  :)

ps.  the above never happened.  Total fiction.

pps.  and that's why you never want a police state, uneducated thugs get full power over you.


Penny said...

"I'm waiting for those trudeau climate change ads to warm me up..."


Anonymous said...

You cant defeat Marxist ideology and its concomitant pseudoscience with either physics or personal observation. Your observations are simply incorrect. Resistance is futile. Pay your carbon taxes, take your refund, and enhance your serenity.

Tax everything that moves to market including the movement give it all back as rebates. Christ who knew it was that simple. Hallelujah the planet is saved. No more need for crack downs to ensure those Peking "blue sky" parade days. Sunny ways indeed ! Give the man some tights and a cape !

Beware the farting cow patrols !