Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Google Slate Review

I like this a lot better than the Pixel Book.  It breaks apart into a very nice tablet, and the keyboard is good, with a large touchpad.

This was my answer to someone who had to send back her corporate laptop when she became decorporated.  "I have to use Outlook.  I have to use Excel.  I have to use Word.".  I was trying to show her the chromebook and Google Drive.  Nope.  "It's exactly the same!" I said.

Now she can use Outlook with a gmail account.  All the ms apps on Android.  And now all the android apps work great with a large screen.  Someone, right now, is addicted to farmingvillage on Android.  And the beautiful screen shows all the cows in high detail! blah.

It's expensive, but fantastic.  If you don't want anybody running win10 in your house, then it is worth it.  My old guy, with an hpwin10, is always running into trouble, and then he has to call a nice guy in India to take over his computer and fix it.

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