Thursday, March 14, 2019

Ocean currents - Mar 14, 2019

My ocean current guy remains swamped and is days behind.  I can't complain.  These currents are dated Mar 11.

The Atlantic current is disorganized, but there is an attempt to push water to the north.  This should result in a warmer Gulf of Mexico, which gives Toronto warm air.  The ocean temperatures don't show a reduction in southern warmth, but I suspect the warm area will shrink now.

Our saline current from the Arctic ocean is as strong as ever and decimates the Gulf Stream.  This current is a result of the build-up of ice, and is comprised of the left-over saline.  It has been strong ever since the last big El Nino of 2017.

Finally, we focus in on the North Pacific current which continues to shrink.  During the warm years, this was the main engine of North American warmth.  This week there is a very strong current of cold water from the Bering Straight.  In a major ice age, this current mucks up the Pacific flow.

There is no more southern Pacific flow, so this big hunk of warm water should shrink.  The same goes for the Atlantic.

In a major ice age, the warm southern blobs would continue to get bigger.  However, this effect will be felt for the summer, and you will need poly tunnels for your tomatoes.  Our summer will be crap, except for July, where we will 'break records' with stagnant air.

ps.  as the Arctic ice builds up to new records, we will be happy to note that it will become a tropical paradise.

pps.  if you go along with the UN you get a nobel peace prize.  Do not read reality, it doesn't get you anywhere....

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