Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Dion Triplets

I got my cash infusion, and I'm back! I'm going back to Montreal for water polo on the weekend, so I'm out of action, cash or no cash. I feel much better being mercenary, so perhaps I won't hit my big cycles.

Anyway, what to do on a day off from blogging? That's right, read other blogs! And a really fascinating one is Inside the Queensway, featuring a lady reporter who is the world's fastest Blackberry typer!

What does this have to do with Nuclear Geology? Well, as we all know, the whole secret Ontario 'choice' of a nuclear vendor, was a giant bluff to get Harper to pay for the whole shebang! If he wanted to keep AECL going, he would have to throw in a few billion. Ontario had no other choice, since they had committed to place four big reactors on the Darlington postage stamp, and the ACR1000 pushes the common-sense limit on energy density.

But what about the hated French? They will never pick them, and they can't jam 4 reactors on that site. The decision will be delayed again and again, until AECL either gets the billions or falls apart.

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