Monday, December 1, 2008

Get a Walking Staff for Christmas

And now for something completely different.

This was over at MEC, but there are other places.

I walk the dog a lot, and with heavy snow, I use snowshoes and nordic poles, but this was something I always wanted. Ever since I was a kid, I was a scout, and I read all my Baden-Powell stories. He always said to use a walking staff, since it was good for bashing the natives. (Joke!!) But those wooden staffs were heavy, and although I've made quite a few, I've never used them.

Now I've heard the places where I like to walk have coyotes! They say bring an umbrella to flash at them, but that's ridiculous. I decided that I had to have a weapon, and unlike GeologyJoe (see followers), I couldn't just strap on my six-gun and walk through town.

I just got this, and it has been great! It folds up when you are embarrassed, and has the most vicious carbide tip! The walking is a lot easier, and you can instantly tell the type of rock you are walking on, by the seismic waves! You can alternate arms so you don't become all lopsided, and it's easy to handle when you have to pick up a poop (as well as hold the leash, when dog-cops show up!).

Sure, you may laugh at us old guys for needing something like this, but other models come with a tripod screw for Nature pictures (this one says it does, but it doesn't).

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