Tuesday, December 23, 2008

No-Nukers Chill on NB Reactor Pipe Dream


I have more respect for my No-Nukes-Never buddies when they chill out on hopeless reactor sites. They don't think AECL can offer reactors for free, or else Ontario would have got its collective thumb out by now. It's the same when I got my buddies to relax about Nanticoke, about which you don't hear much any more.

My rational dream it to put 4 Westinghouse AP1000's at Wesleyville, paid for by the same billions they are throwing at cars. As well, put all the nuclear waste there, in the tight rock. Naturally, the no-nukies would be up in arms about windmills, blah, blah, and I would laugh at them!

But, no, Virginia, this will never come to pass. For now, everyone can have a Merry Christmas, since there will be absolutely nothing going on in the nuke biz for a long time.

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