Monday, December 8, 2008

Back from Montreal

I had a great time there, and my daughter was great in water polo. It is so nice for a parent to have images burned into their brain, of a fabulous moment in their kids lives. Keeps the old guys going when the brain tangles up! With sports, the moments are short and easy to remember, like a great shot, or defensive move.

This time we stayed at a fantastic place, the Westmount Marriot Residence Inn, right beside all those really old buildings on the hill. This is a really nice area with lots of shopping, better than the zoo downtown. Found a great tiny restaurant, 'Rotisserie Italiene' right near the hotel on St. Catherines. This is the tiniest place, with the boss lording over everything behind a counter. There are a few tables, and a bunch of 'monk' tables. You order at the counter, and pick things up as they come out. When we were there, there was a party of locals, and you felt like you were part of the party! The house wine and the food was fabuous!

ps. I left out a funny story. Big Mo traffic and driving is the worst! Every car has dings on the corners. Here I was in traffic, nearly stopped, and this car in the left lane suddenly changes lanes and whaps me! We pull over and this Westmount (rich) girl gets out, and she's got a new curly hair perm like a poodle! (She was really nice, but ditzy). She said she checked her 'blind spot', and didn't see anything because of her hair! I wasn't even in her blind spot, I was right beside her! Anyway, no damage on the old van, because the soft paint of her new car smeared over mine. I'll probably just leave it on for the winter!

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