Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Drowing in Soggy Coal Ash


This is probably worse than a mud volcano! Coal ash is the nastiest stuff ever! Makes rad waste look healthy (because you can't eat it!). Never fear, Ontario has been hiding coal ash in your concrete for years! Dilution is the Solution!

Of course, we have to burn a lot more coal to manufacture wind mills, to look pretty in the calm. I always wonder if they actually save more coal ash than they cause in the first place! I'm sure you can find politically correct places that don't have a puff of wind!

Well, you all know my hopeless hope for a rational approach to nuclear, but this big disaster shows what stupidity will get you.


Monado said...

Are we talking about the clinkers that one shovels out of a coal furnace? Because one use for coal ash is to spread it on icy walks or roads. It's the best thing I've ever seen for giving you traction. My old public school used to have a coal furnace and the custodians used it. It was just another kind of gravel to them.

Frankly, I think that wave power is the most neglected source of energy. Why can't we have bobbing corks in the sea and pressure mats on land generating energy?

Monado said...

...on shores, that is. Where they're building reinforcements to prevent erosion.

Harold Asmis said...

This is the stuff from the cleaners in the chimney which clean up the smoke a little.