Thursday, December 11, 2008

Big Money and Back Rooms


Even though I am in my death spiral of no money, and reduced readership, I had to comment on this proposal to refurbish Pick B. I worked on the EA for the refurb of PickA, and we did a whole seismic re-evaluation. This time, it is assumed the plant is perfect for seismic.

The only opposition is from people who don't want any nuclear, and nobody listens to them! Where is the 'moderate' opposition? Anyway, I don't think anybody appreciates what they have to go through for refurb, and how it most likely won't happen.

First off, these are fairly small reactors. Second, they have run them down to the ground, so a lot needs to be replaced. The most interesting are the steam generators, which have to be taken out of a hole in containment. The site is very congested, and has virtually no room for the necessary cranes.

Finally, this whole operation would require a lot of intelligence in a place where I have never found any. Is it possible?

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