Thursday, June 20, 2024

UK to celebrate a possible 2 days of warmth


That's a tabloid forecast, but it has been the same for quite a while now.

The world is cold, but there is a weird uplift in the world temperatures.  I can't see any reason for it, so I expect it to go down soon. 

The plumes are still sickly, and have no energy to get up north.  The Toronto heatwave is being chased out by a cold plume.

This is Europe, and it would be hard to get an accurate forecast out of this chaotic mess.  Nevertheless, they keep trying.

ps.  I was encouraged to write because of a huge AI pulse in blog hits.  That is going back to zero, and I can relax in the heat again.

ps.  but the warmies are still making money.  Wish I could do that.


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