Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Temperature basic physics - Part 2

 I got into the weather thing because all the earthquakes in the world just stopped.  I was really into that, but the basic physics of world temperature and earthquakes is exactly the same.  All involve 'total energy' versus point measurements.

Temperature is a point measurement that has no place in physics, the same with earthquake 'peak acceleration'.  Point measurements are implied to have significance on 'effect', but can be 'fooled' by a smaller and smaller volume.  For example, the sparks off a sparkler are at 1000 degrees, but they don't burn you, because they have an infinitely small volume.  Thus, the total energy is near zero.

The popular implication of 'world temperatures' is that they mean something about effect, like 'baking to death'.  The association can only be established with experience, like taking a temperature for a fever.  It is known that you are taking a uniform temperature of the whole body, and it identifies that.  If you drank a hot coffee just before sticking it under your tongue, then it is fooled.

Since 2016, our ocean currents have gone 'chaotic'.  The old associations and calibrations are gone.  The ocean temperatures are getting 'fooled' by increasingly thinner sections.  Water can get very hot, and then it just stays on the surface.  The ocean currents can zoom this thin layer all over the place.

This recent warm spell looks significant, but it has no effect, except for 'heat waves' on the popular media.  Or fires,  or whatever.  It hasn't changed Antarctic temperatures at all, and now the Arctic ice is coming back full volume.  The old 'Dark Ages' warming spell had oats being grown in Iceland and the tip of Scotland.  Can't do that today.  A trip to Iceland shows just grass for ponies, that become hamburgers.

The 'wobble' on the world temperatures, is just that.

I just noticed it today.  However, all the other charts don't show it.  Of interest, is the tropics chart, which is plunging like a rock.

It is now at the point for last year, before the Great Red Spot heated everything up, at least on the satellite charts.

This is the Arctic temperature.  It had showed the recent heating event, but now it is as cold as always.

With popular debate, and the legal system, you choose your charts.  In physics, you have to look for 'effect' to determine 'heat energy' which is the only thing of importance to physics.  Not temperature.

All the physics points to the 'partial El Ninos' being done and gone.  We've had quite a few, each a smaller fraction than the one before.  This is like 'reverberation' decay.  Neat.

That's it.  We are entering a 'low heat energy cycle' which I call an 'ice cycle'.  It may be a short cycle, of decades, or the long cycle of centuries.  The last 'Little Ice Age' was a long cycle, and we may be entering one.  It was only measured by 'effects' like skating on the Dutch canals, and the freezing up of the whaling ports up north.  No satellites then.

In summary, I think we have been fooled by the satellites, even though I was a big fan of them.  They are showing a long drift which is caused by chaotic ocean currents.  No satellite weather person pays any attention to ocean currents, which I think are the main driver of heat transport around the world.  We will go into an ice cycle of some sort, while the 'cool kids' keep droning on that we are heating up.  I always like that, and it involves 'no boundaries' on the super powers of the Jet Stream.  No limits on that.

ps.  Don't get into physics on this!  It causes a lot of pain.  Just join the bobble-heads and nod.  I'll go back into heat hibernation.

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