Saturday, June 22, 2024

Guess next year's weather

 This is a fun game.  So far, the 'climate scientists' have batted zero.  But that doesn't matter to them, people will believe them anyway.  Nobody goes over their record.  

We had a real mild winter, but it was not forecast.  Then they have predicted that this summer would be very warm, and it's not.  They can't predict those one-day heat waves either.  If something happens, then they have a million excuses lined up, mainly involving the capricious Jet Stream.

So, here we have the world dailies.  Last year at this time, the Great Red Spot started and warmed up the Earth.  We can see it leaving the crowd.  I saw the mechanism for this, and it is not happening this year.  We will dive well below last year, and it is a question on how deep.

All our heat comes from the tropics, except for July.  The tropics are going to dive hard below last year.

Last year, all sectors started to rise in July.  It all came from that one heating event, which was on the other side of the Pacific from El Nino.  That El No-no was a phoney event caused by a thin layer of hot water, and did nothing for the world.

I think the pendulum will swing back greater than before, so we will start to notice a very cold year.  Don't get rid of your natgas yet.  I am generally right on these predictions, and I mention it, if I am a loser.  Don't expect anything from the warmies.

Actually, once again I'll mention that I was a total loser for last year.  Who could have foreseen this huge heating event?  It was magnificent how a giant section of the West Pacific suddenly reversed with absolute uniformity.  In another world, I would expect to see a paper on it.

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Anonymous said...

Is there no way we can compare predictions with actuals?