Tuesday, June 11, 2024

Chasing the wild dishwasher

 As soon as a dishwasher gives me trouble, I go out to Costco and load up another.  They are impossible to repair without paying the cost of a new one.  My last one was a Chinese Fridgydare.  They always assume an old brand.  Yesterday, it blew up, shattering the valve and pouring Niagara Falls all over the kitchen and basement.  That's the trouble with the Chinese stuff, they are known to use cheap plastic.

This happened 20 years ago when house builders got the cheap toilet hoses.  They would explode and destroy a new house.  Then I bought a cheap kitchen tap and it started to explode, but I got to it on time.  Finally, we have the dishwasher.

Off to Costco to find 3 different dishwashers ready to do.  One was $300 and a no-name Chinese brand.  I was going for that, but the wife nixed it because of an ugly white front.  We got the Samsung at $800 and forgot about the Bosch at $1000.

Anyway, you need an installation kit from Homedepot, and I put in a new sharkbite tap.  The old stuff was 40 years old.  The new machine is much quieter, and has a million new options that I can only stare at.  No idea what they are.

But that's a lot of work all of a sudden, and I'm glad it's over.

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Neil T said...

I bought a Chinese no name battery for my Yamaha Grizzly about 4 years ago and it's a marvel whereas every other battery I've ever bought for the thing (Yuasa etc) failed after about 8 months. Mind you my girlfriend used to bulk buy electronics from China and she always presumed a 25% failure rate on them. I think the quality of Chinese stuff is getting better these days and considering they make about everything on the planet, so western companies can stick their badges on the stuff, means that they'll soon be top quality.