Monday, June 10, 2024

Full channel of cold air comes down on UK


Look carefully.  This is what I expect this winter, or next, etc.  This is what happened over Asia last winter, and the one before that.  I am quite convinced that the channel is random, and it has some persistence once it starts.  

Of course, the UK has it's fine baby stories of the jet stream doing all this, and I'm glad it makes people happy.  There is hope that I can't see this happening for the whole summer.  

In Canada, we are getting the same thing, but we have the Gulf plumes to come up once in a while and give us a few days of summer.  We actually didn't start a fire this morning.  I just toughed through it.

I really think the Jet Stream should be given the person of the year award.

ps.  we should make a list of all the super powers they keep adding to jet stream.

Here's what it is in physics, and listed on wiki-p

The wind currents are mostly vertical.  There is a slight elliptical slant, but it cannot carry energy or particles from west to east.  A jet plane can sail it like an ocean surfer cutting across the wave.

The water is only going up and down, but they can cut across.  The jet stream is an effect, like the surf,  and has no super powers.  All the energy is taken from the clash of warm and cold air.

This is probably the one thing that I can never get across to people, since I have no influencer talent.

ps OMG! Catastrophic explosion of the dishwasher.  Water all over the place, it just continued to pour water in.  I had to cut off the main water, and then cut off the dishwasher.  We always start the dishwasher as we are leaving the house, but this time I was downstairs and heard the Niagara Falls.  Looks like a class action to me.

ps. whew.  All the water mopped up and I'm off to Costco tomorrow for a new one.  Just like my last dryer, I put it into the car and drive away.

ps. more fun in Europe.


Neil T said...

The greenlash is mostly to do with a directive stating that plastic bottle tops have to remain attached to the plastic ring around the plastic bottle. End result... Chaos, liquid everywhere and charities and recyclers going ape because charities can get 15c/kg for the tops and the plastic tops are made of a different plastic from the bottles anyway and none of the recyclers' machinery will work anymore! Politicians: loathe them or hate them, you can't like them.

Harold Asmis said...

Oh no, done in by bottle caps.