Tuesday, June 18, 2024

A single hot day is more important than anything

 OMG, was it hot at the cottage!  The water is still ice cold, so it is painful to cool down.  We finally gave up and went home.  Air conditioning!  Dang car has a weakened air conditioner, and I'll pay the big bucks to fix it.

At the cottage, the falcons have 4 chicks again, and they moved back to the old nest.  To sleep in the hot tin shed, you would have to cool in the lake for a while, and it can't be done yet.

Yes, I renounce all the Laws of Physics, they are not as important as the sweat running down into my eyes.  I look up and see the greenhouse glass forming, and blocking in the heat.  The Trickster God Jet Stream laughs at me as it brings in the heat, and the cold in other areas -- whatever he feels like.

**that was a crazy guy who got too hot.  For those with a cooler outlook on life, the laws of physics are doing quite well, and the world has a minimum of heat energy.  

It's quite a wild fight against the cold, but this is the only active plume for heat.

The cold areas deserve some respect, as well.


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