Sunday, June 23, 2024

Climate philosophers forced to stumble into physics


This is a hoot.  Apparently, ignorant people have been spraying all over the place.  Now, other similar people are attempting to stop it, using a weird sort of influencer physics.

Counterintuitively, the more distant operation had the greater impact because it tapped into “teleconnections”, links in the climate system between geographically remote parts of the world.

Yes, children, we have 'dimension portals' working in the atmosphere.  This is as close as they can get mentioning a 'mechanism'.  They could not mention violent convection, and 3d wind systems.  Because that would negate the whole fantasy.  

The Canadian weather service has a new 'clime-o-matic' machine, that answers your questions:

Why is it so hot?  -- Climate Change

Why is it so cold?  -- Climate Change

Why is it so wet?  -- C---- C---

Why is it so dry? -- Damn Aussies spraying sea salt

ps. and in fun news, Oz is not only spreading salt, but may break away from the stifling 'consensus'.  If only they were smart enough to do a little physics....

ps. now I get it, this is US protectionism -- neat.

ps. Mama, don't put your money into fusion

I while ago, I put up a severe physics problem with fusion, and nobody is addressing it.  You need a lot of brilliance to get by this, and I don't see anything out there.

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