Sunday, June 2, 2024

Another great victory for MS


Now, some will say "How do you know that every one of these hacks is MS?"  I just say that they pick the low-hanging fruit first.  This is 30 million people, barely a drop in the bucket.  And my Costco card may be around the corner, since I can't get the card to respond to being put on Google Wallet.

Of course, when everybody is special, nobody is special, and who cares about being hacked anyway?  It's still a million to one on being thinned out of the herd, and it is important not to run MS yourself, and don't answer those horrible FB things.  The nail that sticks out gets hammered (wise Japan saying that keeps them all miserable).

Nobody listens to me anyway, so do everything wrong, and you still have the odds in your favour.  My hypothesis for this is that everybody with MS is hacked already, but they can't see it.  It's just a matter of time before they do this whole 'public' thing.  What do they get out of it?  And it's like diamonds, if you flood the market, the price goes to glass.  Best to keep millions of diamonds in a huge vault.  Best to keep everybody clueless in hacking space.

Yep, these guys were probably hacked forever, and the hackers sucked out millions by selective attacks on 'unmissed' money.  Now, they are just putting out the garbage.  

ps I'm wondering why the hackers are suddenly releasing all this.  If there are too many big public hacks, there is a small risk that somebody will do something.

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