Sunday, June 2, 2024

Rabbit Masher Invented


This is just what I need.  Darn, cute, baby rabbits are trimming my beans and cutting down my peas.  I've tried all the leftwinger stuff -- a live trap, spreading red pepper powder, the dog, and those wascillily wabbits just laugh at me.

Try this you rabbits!  Mine will customized to be steel with razor-sharp edges.  Run through that!  The dog doesn't do anything, so she'll be fine.  A little cat-sup would be good, as well.

**all satire, all the time.

ps.  sorry, I was reminded of this video.


Neil T said...

Wind fence!!! Is that chair on the right to scale?? It's a building.

Harold Asmis said...

You're implying it's more of a horse-masher?

Neil T said...

It would eat a jumbo jet. You got me poking about the web though for similar ideas. The US, France, Scotland and Spain all have great ideas. Thanks.