Saturday, October 1, 2022

Hurricane gnashes its teeth at Toronto


The clear air blob was mostly a swirl, but has come down directly to save Toronto from the storm.

The bottom of the swirl has broken out and has become a true air glacier.  We will have more cold, clear air.

ps.  from Spencer we have the charts and the usual explanation that there is no difference in hurricanes, etc.  However, every hurricane gets the label from unknown 'experts'.  They press a button and it says 'clange!'  We can only laugh.

pps.  of course, clange is only a philosophical concept.  If we announced to the world that we were going to do a 30 year weather forecast, defined by the global sat temperatures, we would be laughed out of the house.  But not if you are a charismatic.  

more -- and I've said you only make money selling stupid stuff to stupid people, but that takes sales talent.  Good stuff to stupid people is too expensive.  And smart stuff to smart people is like Google Stadia.

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