Sunday, November 1, 2015

Cars to become the next wave of software and commodity parts


Ken Okuyama is an automobile visionary and he fears that Apple and Google might take over the car industry. I think his fears are well-founded.

They are probably right that it will be the 'connected' software houses that will do this.  All the other companies are like HP or Timex;  their spirits possessed by intricate mechanics.  A fuel cell or battery and electric motors are all you need, and really good software.  Right now Tesla is putting everything into a better battery, but anybody can do that.  Right now I'm buying my rechargeable batteries as generic Amazon.

All the great car companies are following VW into the sewer, they couldn't get a brilliant software guy if their lives depended on it because they are ugly bureaucracies.  And these people in Palo Alto are 10-100 times more valuable than anybody you find in Texas or Detroit.  Tesla is run by a psycho and will soon die.  :)  or he'll go to Mars.

This must be network connected software and Google has the edge on this.  If one car finds something weird like an armadillo, then in an instant every car has the pattern.  Who can keep away spam and hackers.  My neighbour just died with a big Mac security incursion.  Bet they keep that quiet!

But Palo Alto is choked and they can't move anybody out.  Who wants to leave the Android Statues?


This presents a horrible problem for Google and such.  As well, they are so overdue for a monster earthquake.  I suggest that Toronto picks up the ball.  :)

Addition:  Every company with a factory component becomes poisoned.  I know a computer company that is spending time on shaving everybody on everything, like phones and computers.  Soon they'll cut the free coffee.  :)  Death looms.

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