Wednesday, November 4, 2015

What I want to be when I grow up

Suddenly, someone official was asking me for an opinion.  I feel that there is a 'New Hope' flowing through Ottawa.  I shall look just in front of my nose, and not think about 6 months from now.

I don't do well with stupidity.  My performance reviews always said "Does not work well in a corporate environment.".  I remember being on the committee that was looking at the Y2K issue.  As you remember, everybody thought the world would end when 1999 turned to 2000.  The whole committee was composed of climbers who wanted to advance their careers by hyping this up as much as they could, and then saving the world.  I stated right away that there was no issue.  They threw me out.  :)

I was on a CSA committee that was looking at the seismic issues for a new nuclear plant.  I said that all we needed was a recipe book to assure ourselves that a US plan would be suitable for our site.  They wanted something horrendous that would encompass Canadian-designed plants.  They threw me out.

All the things I did worked, and I worked with people who wanted things to work.  Those were my good times.  My bad times came when nobody really wanted things to work, but just have the appearance of working.  I was terrible at that.

With our 'New Hope' maybe things will work again.  I don't know how involved I can be, since my mind rebels at tediousness.  That's for a new generation.  Reminds me of two guys I met in the Dog Valley that were going to work on the new sewer.  I mentioned that they were starting on the worse section that didn't have enough manholes.  That seemed to surprise them, but it's up to them to be splurted all over with sewage when the supply exceeds their pump capacity.  I'm not there!

Add:  It turned out to be a minor academic matter about some seismic vaults I had installed.  So, the world is safe from me for a while longer.  :)

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