Saturday, November 21, 2015

Geofish Issues Yellow Alert for New Madrid Earthquake Sequence

I am interrupting my bonding time with my dog to issue this Yellow Alert.  All of the recent events in Oklahoma have been along the northern fault.  Although reported as 4-somethings, they are really 5-somethings in terms of mechanics.  The length of the active zone implies a starting quake of 7+ strike-slip, followed by the required thrust earthquakes, just as in 1811.

I issue no alerts or recommendations in the 'hot zone'.  Those who are a few hundred kilometres away should secure their breakable knick-knacks with sticky Velcro.  This is just common sense even if the earthquakes are a year away.

As usual, the uncertainties swamp any hope of an accurate prediction.  This is just a word to the wise.

PS - People on the g+ are freaking out.  This is the strongest indication I've ever seen (even in hindsight), but it is still only worth $5.  That's because the uncertainties are overwhelming.  Secure the knick-knacks for $5, that's all I'm saying.

PS2:  This alert closes 48 hours after the last earthquake along this line.  I will shut down again.

PS3:  Still more activity along the line, but it is going down.  Here is the cheapest stuff I could find (on the side).  I just bought some myself to see how it works, but in Canada, only those in High Park and the Beaches need to get it.

PS4:  Nothing is happening and the alert is off.  Perhaps we need a few more episodes like this this to get the motor started.  So, I sign off.

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