Friday, November 6, 2015

Another pitch for the Fish Injection Treatment


Texas has closed the book on how a set of wells could turn earthquakes on and off in Azle.  I know they were injecting gas frack waste for a while (in my head).  But they can never admit it.

Let's pretend they were honest, and everybody promised not to sue (Ha!).  Then we would conclusive proof that it is stress corrosion that caused all these New Madrid-type earthquakes.  The cure is simple:  Import a ton of crushed Grenville granitic gneiss and run all the gas frack water through that.  Then mainline right into the Precambrian to your heart's content.

Universities can't even test out the Fish Hypothesis, because a positive result would mean that all their sponsors were lying like VW.  Do corporations do that?  I worked for the old company who would lie until their teeth fell out.  Good thing I forget all the particulars, maybe I was only dreaming about that.  :)

When you are all by yourself it is good to confuse reality and dreams.  That way reporters don't bug you, and nobody tries to give you the Polonium Sandwich.  Without these tests, the only outcome is to stop all injection when the big closer earthquakes hit.

Add:  If SMU weren't stuck in miserable Texas they could get back at the creeps by conducting the simple experiment that I mentioned at some time.  However, as it is, they'd get killed.  :(  since everybody carries an assault rifle.

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