Monday, November 30, 2015

Betting on the earthquake

I won't make a penny, but I'm reasonably certain that we'll have a full M7 sequence in Oklahoma soon enough.  They open all their closed wells after a week.  All those involved in this will win the Darwin Awards Champions of the Decade.  Nobody will come close.

Who are the other big money winners?

The busgus - when the midwest is destroyed, they'll get huge amounts of money for their silly projects in California.  Could we see a reason why they won't come near to Oklahoma?

Canada - oil at $100 again.  The oil sands won't look so dirty.

Oil futures investors - put $5 down for expensive oil in a year.  It's like a certain lottery ticket.

Saudis - they'll be rolling in the dough, and can finance more of things we won't talk about.

*Darwin Awards

**this is satire.

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