Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Go and Fund Me Some Wine for more Earthquakes

Every once in a while I need some justification for continuing my rants on earthquakes and other things.  After all, it is tough go against the Winds of Indifference by the Big Guys.  Oklahoma is going to destroy all US oil production and nobody cares.  The Bruce Deep Hole is sinking a shaft on top of a giant fault and everybody ignores it.

I used to get a nice wine income from Google before my readers started clicking all the horrible ads and they banned me for life.

So all you people send me some money via Paypal to ''  I understand you may get $5.00 for sending 50 cents.  For each bottle of wine I get I'll write something new that is beyond my normal compulsion to write.



After 10 minutes, the thermometer stands at zero.

Add2:  Being the greedy pig I am, I have set a target of no more writing on anything until I can put some red on the thermometer.  Simple profit is the best way to judge if you are doing good in the world.  :)

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